Teertha is one of the best block printed bedsheets suppliers of premium Indian hand made home linen in the country, specializing in exclusive hand made home linen such as hand block printed cotton bed sheets and hand block printed bedspreads. However, there are several reasons why we stand out from other prevalent conventional brands. Here’s why:

1. Premium Quality

Teertha is one of the few brands available in the textile industry, especially in hand made home linen category, that provides its customers with guaranteed premium quality products. When it comes to hand block printed cotton bed sheets, every bed sheet is made with the best quality of raw materials available in the market. These raw materials are then optimally and appropriately utilized by skilled and experienced artisans and craftspersons. These craftspersons have extensive experience and treat these high-quality raw materials with the utmost care and consideration. Their commendable and refined skills result in the beautiful hand block printed bedspreads that are of exceptional quality.

2. Exclusive Designs

When you select anything for decorating your home and enhancing its overall beauty, you always look for something unique and different. It is no secret that having decor and premium Indian hand made home linen makes your bedroom stand out like no other and amplifies the overall beauty of your home. Teertha, being among the best block printed bed sheets suppliers, we recognize the importance that uniqueness and rarity hold in everyone’s hearts, especially when it comes to their home. This is why we provide you with exclusive designs in hand block printed bedspreads and hand block printed cotton bed sheets to give your home an idiosyncratic and distinctive look and appeal.

3. Wide Range and Variety

It is well known that variety is the spice of life, and it truly gives it all its flavor. When you have a wide range and variety of hand block printed cotton bed sheets to choose from, you pick the best and the most suitable hand made home linen for your wonderful abode. When it comes to variety, there is no upper limit. This is why renowned block printed bedsheets suppliers offer you a wide range of hand block printed bedspreads and hand block printed cotton bed sheets to suit your taste and style most aptly and appropriately.

Moreover, our premium Indian hand made home linen is crafted with immense creativity and hard work by our talented and skilled artisans to ensure that there is no repetition in design or patterns. You can choose from a huge and varied range of elegant and attractive hand block printed cotton bedsheets to help you make the right choice without settling or compromising. This is also one of the many reasons why Teertha’s hand block printed bed sheets stand out from other conventional brands.

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4. Affordable

One of the most distinctive features that all of Teertha’s products have is the fact that they’re surprisingly affordable and reasonably priced. In a world of premium block printed bed sheets suppliers where everything is overpriced with exaggerated values and unreasonable profit margins, we provide you with high-quality premium Indian hand made home linen at an affordable price to help you make the right choice. We ensure that you don’t have to break the bank just to decorate and adorn your beloved home. Moreover, we believe that every piece of hand made home linen you buy from us is a smart investment, due to the durability and the quality of the hand block printed cotton bed sheets we supply. Hence, with Teertha, quality, and style don’t have to be compromised to be affordable.

5. Supporting local artisans

Teertha is one of the few Indian brands that support the vocal for local movement, and we do so by supporting local artisans. Our products are inspired by nature and we collaborate with talented and skilled artists who come from a lineage of ancient artisans who have mastered this craft and passed it on from generation to generation. These local artisans offer exclusive and unique designs and ensure that each piece is distinctive, special, and eccentric for your bedroom.

By honoring the immense talent of various artists and craftspersons across India, we support local industries and these important livelihoods to empower them and make them financially stable. Moreover, they also get the important opportunity to showcase their talent and handmade products in the international and domestic markets. We honor these national treasures by supporting them with a platform and when you buy from Teertha, you ensure the continuation of this wonderful cycle.

6. Authenticity of block printed bedsheets suppliers

Authenticity is highly valued, especially at Teertha, and we pride ourselves on being extremely authentic when it comes to our processes and product range. Teertha itself stands for ‘pilgrimage’ and is a Sanskrit word, which means a place where people go for purification. We believe that we are leading a sacred journey to India’s unique and exclusive handicrafts and culture. We are inspired by the nature that surrounds us and nurtures all that is authentic around us by acknowledging three simple realities. These state that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Hence, we promise you authenticity with our wide range of hand block printed bedspreads and hand block printed cotton bed sheets which are rustic and unique.

7. Environmentally friendly and conscious

We at Teertha strongly believe that our planet is a beautiful place and worth fighting for. The Earth is truly what all of us have in common, despite where we come from and our intrinsic differences. This is why our ethos is centered around being environmentally friendly and conscious when it comes to manufacturing our unique products. We do so by ensuring that we follow sustainable good case practices when it comes to various stages of production, such as growing, spinning, weaving, dyeing, and sewing. All of these stages are carried out in the country itself by local craftsmen and artisans who are adequately skilled and qualified. By ensuring that all our products are made in India, and ensuring that our hand block printed bedspreads and hand block printed cotton bed sheets are free of AZO pigment dyes, we make conscious efforts to be as kind to the environment as possible. All these and more makes us the best among the block printed bed sheets suppliers.

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