Are you looking to revamp and refresh your bedroom as you ring in the new year? The linen you choose for your bed can play a monumental role in revamping and making your bedroom more attractive and appealing. Read on to find out why Teertha’s luxurious handcrafted bed sheets are perfect for your bedroom in 2021!

Refresh the bedroom space

Hand block printed cotton bed sheets are vibrant, interesting, and refresh your bedroom like no other linen available in the market. 2021 is all about having a fresh start and beginning the year on a positive and hopeful note, and what better way to do that than to opt for luxurious handcrafted bed sheets that make the room come alive! Our premium Indian handmade home linen connection is designed with the intent to brighten up and refresh your home in a natural, subtle, and meaningful way. Moreover, when you choose Teertha, you get access to an exclusive and wide range of bed linen that will certainly suit your elite and unique preferences!

Good thread count

Most people don’t notice the importance of thread count when it comes to selecting the bedsheets for their bedroom. They choose a nice print and move on. However, at Teertha, we emphasize quality and excellence, and hence, our luxurious handcrafted bed sheets have just the right thread count to provide you a premium experience. Higher thread count does not always equate to higher quality, and hence we maintain a good balance to ensure that it is not too high or low. Through this comprehensive process, our artisans ensure that your bedsheets and home linen are of the optimum quality, not just by numbers, but also by the look and feel of the fabric.

Easy maintenance

Convenience is the name of the game, and we make sure that luxury goes hand in hand with comfort. Our hand block printed cotton bed sheets are uniquely crafted to ensure that even though the linen is of premium quality, you don’t have to go an extra mile to preserve its uniqueness. By using easy to maintain fabrics such as cotton, we ensure that your maintenance efforts remain at an all-time low, and you don’t have to spend a bombshell on specialized detergents or getting them professionally cleaned. Customer centricity is our mantra and hence, our handmade block print bedsheets are made to suit your convenience.

Breathable and cool fabric

Comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to your bedroom. It is your sacred space where you relax after a long, hectic day to get optimal sleep and recharge. It is supported to revitalize and rejuvenate you, and hence, factoring in comfort is crucial when it comes to selecting the right linen for your haven. At Teertha, our experienced artisans ensure that our luxurious handcrafted bedsheets are breathable, comfortable, and have a cooling effort to ensure that you get the maximum relaxation and experience minimum discomfort. Additionally, cotton is a hypoallergenic fabric, which ensures that your allergies won’t be triggered and you won’t face any irritation or reactions to the linen.

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Are you sick and tired of ordering what seem like premium and good quality sheets online, but they quickly lose their shine after a few washes? We at Teertha believe that every purchase you make should be a reasonable investment, and our products are designed in a way to give back. We honor your trust with our commitment towards developing and providing long-lasting hand block printed cotton bed sheets that don’t lose their shine and vibrance even after multiple washes. This makes your investment in our products more meaningful and we can provide you with products that will stay with you for a long time!


Making your bed shouldn’t be a repetitive task that you wince at the thought of. Most synthetic sheets often creep out slowly if they’re tucked from the corners. This is due to their highly slippery nature. It is a minor inconvenience that can add to your frustration, and we believe that bedsheets should not be something you should be stressing over! Hence, our luxurious handcrafted bed sheets are made by skilled crafts persons who ensure that once you tuck these premium sheets in the bed, they won’t come out by themselves. This gives you the much-needed liberty to lie, twist, and turn without any restrictions. Moreover, if you have small children in the family, our hand block printed cotton bed sheets are ideal for you!

Eco-friendly and sustainable

We live in the 21st century, and it is becoming increasingly imperative to ensure that we are indulging in responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable habits. With Teertha’s exclusive range of premium, Indian hand made home linen, you can now extend this judicious practice to your home too! Quality should never clash with sustainability, and we believe that the two should go hand in hand. Hence, our luxurious handcrafted bed sheets are made by talented artisans who know the craft long enough to provide high-quality bed sheets while being mindful of the environment. Saving the environment starts with these small, minimal practices, and by choosing wisely, you can do your bit without any compromise on quality!

Aesthetics matter

It is no secret that aesthetics are crucial and they play a significant role in how we choose and design our homes, especially the bedroom. At Teertha, we ensure that we live up to your aesthetical expectations and standards by providing a wide range of handmade block print bedsheets that are attractive to look at and add to your intricate bedroom design.

Supporting indigenous art and culture

Finally, with every purchase you make, you are touching lives. You are supporting someone’s passion and helping them earn an honest living out of the hard work they do. Hence, when you purchase Teertha’s luxurious handcrafted bed sheets, you are helping skilled artists to run their homes and supporting their dreams. A much-needed bonus to responsible and conscious shopping indeed!

Check out Teertha’s exclusive and premium Indian hand made home linen collection to add a flair to your home!

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