Bedsheets play an important role in giving a beautiful look to your bedroom. They are common bedding products purchased by every individual and their importance is something which cannot be ignored by anyone. After a long, tiring day people look up to their bed to get optimal sleep. For this and many other reasons it is important to purchase a good quality bedsheet to cover your mattress.

In this digital world, you don’t need to go to a store each time to buy a bedsheet. But as we all know finding a perfect handmade bedsheet online is easier said than done. And therefore, to help you out we have noted down several tips you should consider while buying handmade bedsheets online in India. Let us guide you through the basics on buying premium handmade bedsheets online in India.

Pay Attention To The Fabric

Comfort should not be underestimated when it comes to your bedroom. Therefore, it is always good to know about the quality of the material first while buying a bedsheet online. There are many fabrics available online but always go for bedsheets that are made from 100% cotton. Cotton bedsheets are great in quality, soft, comfy and provides good sleep. So, make sure you read the content before buying online bedhseets with pillowcases as we are sure you don’t want to waste your time ordering the wrong product. Our experienced artisans at Teertha ensures that our handcrafted bedsheets are comfortable, non slippery, breathable and provide maximum relaxation.

Look For The Thread Count

A good thread count is important but it isn’t everything. Bedsheet with higher thread count doesn’t always equate to high quality. When you buy a bedsheet online, make sure the thread count is somewhere between 150 to 500. Anything that fall between this particular amount will provide you with a comfortable experience. We at Teertha understand the importance of a good thread count, and therefore our luxurious handcrafted bedsheets have just the right amount to provide you with a great experience.

Check The Size

You cannot just assume that your bedsheets will fit the mattress. So, how do you buy bedsheets that are the right size? One way to check the right size is to check the size chart online. You will find every size variety available for you to choose from. If you are still having difficulty in finding the right size as you can always take proper measurement of your bed. And just to help you out a bit more, the standard size of the single bedsheets are 150x225cm, and the super king size sheet beds are 270x250cm. Well, to save yourself from the discomfort later, we always recommend that you measure the bed first.

Know The Return Policy

Never buy handmade bedsheets online in India without checking the return policy. No matter how much careful you are while selecting the product, it might happen that it may not be the one you wanted. If such event comes up, then you can always exchange the product with no issues. Therefore, it is important to double check the return/exchange policy of the store/website before buying the bedsheets online.  At Teethra, we provide the policy of exchange/refurnd within 48 hours of delivering the product. All you have to do is write to us at with the following details:

  • Invoice number
  • Details of your request or complaint
  • Images or videos to support the complaint

Select The Right Color And Design

One of the most important aspects while shopping handmade bedsheets online is to select the right color. The color of the bedsheet plays an important role to beautify the ambience of your bedroom. For example, if you have printed wallpaper in your room, you should get a bedsheet with subtle print and viceversa. On the other hand, if you have bright curtain in your room, you may want to go for bright solid bedsheets. This helps in making your bedroom look well organized and appealing. At Teertha, we provide you with a range of premium hand block bedsheets online that are not only attractive but will also beautify your bedroom design.

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We hope these bedsheet buying tips may come handy and help you pick comfortable linens for the next time you shop online. The best part of buying bedsheets online is that you get it delivered right at your doorstep. Whether you are looking for a bed cover with pillowcases or bedspreads, quilts, you can find them all on Teertha’s site. If you want to impress your guests with your exclusive collection of bedsheets that you bought online, do check out Teertha’s handmade bed linen collection and pick what suits you the best.

About Teertha’s Handcrafted Bedsheets

At Teertha, you can find luxurious handcrafted cotton bedsheets that are not only vibrant but will also refreshen your room. Our premium homemade linen collection is our attempt to bring India’s finest handcrafted material to your home. We at Teertha are on a committed journey to India’ beautiful craft and one such rustic beauty is the hand block print. To bring the most unique and carefully curated designs to you, we collaborate with skilled artists across India. Hence, all our hand block printed bedsheet are carefully handpicked. When you choose Teertha to buy online bedsheets, you choose good quality sheets that are long lasting and don’t lose their shine even after multiple washes. Hence, we provide you with products that are long lasting.

In the 21st century it has become increasingly important to indulge in eco friendly and sustainable practice. When you buy Teertha’s exclusive range of handmade linen, you are doing your bit to save the environment. Our products are made by talented artists who not only design high quality linen sheets but also keep the safety of the environment in mind. After all, quality and sustainability should go hand in hand. Finally, with every Teertha’s product you buy, you are supporting ehtnic art and culture.

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