The rainy season brings with itself the happiness of cool showers and lush greenery to the environment but it also brings a damp smell, musty surroundings, as well as lots and lots of wet clothes for you to suffer from. Such times ask for immediate action to take care of home linens around the house. So, what exactly should you do to maintain your linens in monsoons? Here are some of them:

Make Iron Your Best Friend:

Sometimes we feel lazy and tend to iron our clothes and linens till the end of the moment when we need them, but ignoring this step during the rainy season might not be beneficial for you. As monsoon brings a damp atmosphere and humid weather, clothes and linens alike take a lot more time to dry than on normal days. This leads to a kind of musty and damp smell left behind. To remove it, you should iron your home linens, such as bedsheets, pillow covers, bedcovers, etc. with every wash. Ironing will make your linen look crisp, clean, and smell fresh as well.

Close All The Windows & Doors Properly:

Monsoon season brings with it the probability of having a rainy shower any time of the day. When that happens you might not be present in your home to close that window you left open in the bedroom for breezy air. So, always keep your windows and doors closed during the rainy season. It might seem like a little thing to you but the tiny droplets of water from the windows will seep into your bed linen layers and make them smell damp and musty.

Use Sheets Softener Regularly:

Purchase room freshener to get you through the monsoons without having to live in the damp smell of moist surroundings. The same goes for sheets softener as well. These products contain scents that will make your home linens smell good and feel more soft and comfortable. It will also help you to sleep better on such bedsheets without any kind of sleep crease to disturb the cycle.

Wash Regularly & Store Nicely:

This might seem like a huge task for you, especially during rainy days, but do not ignore it. Washing your linens properly, especially the bed linen will help you sleep and spend time on clean and fresh linen. This will help you avoid various health concerns as well as avoid any kind of skin allergies and issues people suffer from during such times. Also, store the clean bed linens in a clan place that will not get damp in any condition. It will allow you to wash the same linen twice in case they get a moldy smell enthused in them.

Always Keep An Alternative:

If you want your home linens such as bedsheets, towels, pillow covers, etc. to run longer during monsoon without having to wash them regularly then start with keeping a substitute for them. Purchase two or three different linens and change the one that you feel is dirty at regular intervals. I will give you some time to wash the dirty ones, dry them properly and use other countermeasures in order to avoid any kind of bad smell emanating on rainy days.

These are some of the precautions and actions you can take to protect your home linens during monsoon season.

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