Thinking of purchasing double bed covers for your bedroom or going to redecorate your bedroom’s style and thus looking for a bed cover that will go wonderfully well with the trending design? Well then, there are a variety of options present in the market for you to choose from. But first, you must keep in mind some of the pointers to get the best out of the deal of buying a double bed cover for your bed.

The quality of the material, its washing instructions, size of the bed covers, as well as design and colors are equally important as the cost of the covers. Since bed covers are one of those materials that are purchased once a year, you must be careful in your selection.

Things you must consider before purchasing the double bed covers for your bedroom:

  • Suitable Size: 

Well, you might be wondering that all the double bed covers are of the same size then why is there a separate segment for the size, right? Well, as we all know the size of a double bed is 54’’ x 75’’ inch in dimensions. But, the thickness of the mattress and your bed dimensions might differ based on the shape and style they have been constructed in. So, it will be smart for you to first measure the dimensions of your bed, along with the thickness of the mattress you sleep upon. It will allow you to avoid the bed covers from being seen in case the occupant of the bed moves while laying down.

  • Material Of The Bed Covers:

There are a variety of materials available in the market to choose from, but which one is much better? The answer to this question will be the cotton ones. Pure Cotton has a high number of thread counts in them which makes it more comfortable. There are a variety of cotton covers present in the market like Egyptian cotton, Supima cotton, etc. Plus the material is soft and cosy and it is also sweat-proof. So, in the case of moderately hot summer days, you won’t wake up in bed with lots of sweat dripping from your body. Also, they are breathable materials that won’t suffocate you in case you have the habit of sleeping by covering your heads with the covers.

You can also purchase other materials for your double bed covers based on the decor of your bedroom like Flannel, Silk, Polyester, etc. Keep in mind that most of these bed covers are a bit heavier than the cotton ones. Thus that might be problematic during washing them, so make sure to hold the covers before you purchase them.

  • Based On The Thread Counts:

Wondering what the thread counts are? Well, they are the number of threads present in the covers crossly, per square inch in both directions. The higher the thread counts are, the much more comfortable and soft the bed covers will be. The high thread count also matters as it means that the material will be long-lasting and won’t get worn out as easily as other bed covers. This will help you in saving money for buying bed covers in a shorter period of time. So, before purchasing double bed covers, always look for their thread counts in the description. 

  • Design & Color:

Since you will be purchasing the double bed covers why not take some more time and find the one that will suit your bedroom’s decor design as well. There are many different textures and designs present for the bed covers, from hundreds of color shades to different kinds of designs like printed, woven designs, plain, bold colors, and so much more. So, find the one that will bring out the best shades of your bedroom.

Also, if you are thinking of purchasing double bed covers for other rooms of your home, like your children’s bed or guest room then you can make some more concessions in terms of design. There are varieties of bed covers present with cartoon characters in them that will become your child's favorite as well as many more stylish ones that will look wonderful in the guest room of your place.

  • Washing Instructions:

This factor is one of the most important yet underestimated among all. By following the right steps of instructions for the washing of the double bed covers you will be able to keep the material soft, clean, and leveled for a long time. There are bed covers that are okay as both hand-washable as well as machine-wash. But some of the bed covers come with specific instructions to wash them in washing machines.

So, if you don’t own a washing machine, then washing the double bed covers will lead to the material getting worn out much faster than expected. In some cases, the color of the bed covers may also fade in bad ways that won’t be attractive at all. Therefore, always check the washing instructions before purchasing the double bed covers.

  • Cost Of The Double Bed Covers:

Always try to be in the line with the budget you have decided for yourself while thinking of purchasing a new double bed cover. Check out the many options of the bed covers, both online shopping destinations as well as in-stores nearby as you will purchase bed covers once a year. Try to remember the fact that not every expensive item is worth the cost as well as not every cheap item is of bad quality. Cost is not relevant to the good quality, it all depends upon the brand you are purchasing from and the qualities the bed covers possess. Keep all the above-mentioned factors in your mind and go with the one that possesses them all. Then, you will have the best double bed covers for your home.

Keep these factors in your mind while going shopping for the double bed covers for your bedroom or your kids and find the one most suitable for you. Teertha is one of those brands that offer the best quality bed covers at affordable ranges.

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