Are you one of those people who like to wrap a little blanket during all kinds of weather? Are you looking for a thin blanket that you can wrap around yourself and not feel too warm or cold in mild temperatures? Then, buying dohar online is a good option for you. Made up of 100% premium cotton, this Dohar is a kind of Indian quilt that is not too thick or too thin in layers. They have a cotton sheet in between to give additional warmth to the wearer as well as come in a variety of styles, sizes, and textures. They are also known as AC quilts and are very common in Asian homes because of their lightweight texture and homey presence. You can purchase one both online as well as in-stores present in the market.

What is a Cotton Dohar?

One of the popular bed items in most of the homes of India, Dohar is a kind of quilt, a blanket made in Indian style, that consists of stitching about two or three plain muslin or cotton sheets together. They are very suitable for both mild winters as well as cool summer weather. There is a layer of the cotton sheet between the outer layers to provide a sort of additional warmth to the blanket. The Dohar can or cannot be quilted. They are also perfect as a bedding quilt throughout the year, especially for rooms with A.Cs in them so that you don’t get chilled with a thin cotton sheet or extra warm with a padded quilt.

Here are some of the basic factors you must look out for before purchasing a Dohar online for summer:

Favorable Temperature: 

This factor is the first thing one must consider while purchasing a Dohar online for themselves. As Dohar sheets are preferable for all kinds of weather, so it always depends upon the kind of temperature the owner of the cotton Dohar likes. Many people like to cover their legs during summer while pressing the panels of their AC on. For them, cotton Dohar is the best in such situations as it is also known as the AC quilt in our country.

Whereas others run a bit warm and don’t like to wrap themselves in thick quilts during early winters. For them as well, cotton Dohar works perfectly fine. The additional cotton layer in the middle provides the necessary warmth and the mild thickness keeps cold winds out.

Size Of The Dohar:

A Dohar too big or small won’t give you as much comfort as you would like while you are trying to sleep peacefully in your bed or having a relaxed time watching TV on your couch. So, for whatever furniture you are thinking of purchasing a cotton Dohar online, always remember to measure the size. If you have a double-sized bed, then go for a double-sized sheet and if you want to buy one for your sofa or couch, then you can purchase a single-sized cotton Dohar. Also, there are more varieties in sizes found in cotton Dohars in the market. So, take your time and make the right decision.

Matching Decor:

It is easy to match the bedsheets and the pillow covers to make your bedroom look much better and more attractive. The same is true for cotton Dohar. You can keep them on your bed as a type of bed covering, so go with a design, color, and style that suits your bedroom decor perfectly. The Cotton Dohar sheets come in a variety of trending styles, with intricate designs of prints, stitched patterns on the surface, and so much more.

 If you are thinking of placing one in your kid’s room, then you can also go with a Dohar blanket that has geometric patterns or blooming flowers on them to attract attention and suit the bright decor of a child’s room. So, match your whole bedroom perfectly and give your room a good look for you to admire. There are also reversible Dohars present in the market that consist of two different styles on both sides, so you can go with whatever style you want by inverting the cotton Dohar inside out.


Since you will be using cotton Dohar to cover yourself while you sleep or relax in your house during the summer season, then you may also need to wash them from time to time. Though most cotton Dohars are easy to wash and sweat-free, you should always check the washing instructions before purchasing one. Many of them don’t come with hand-washable properties and if you don’t have a machine at home, then the quality and design of your Dohar may get ruined much faster than normal.

So, try to avoid a very thick Dohar to prevent more washable trips to the machines as well as try to keep them in a clean environment.

Cost Of The Cotton Dohar:

While money may decide whether a cotton Dohar is much better than the other one, it is not always dependable. Just because a Dohar is expensive it does not mean that it will be good in texture and material and if one is cheap then it won’t have good materialistic qualities. Try to look for the other factors like:

  • The presence of a 100% cotton material
  • Soft in touch
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic, to avoid any kind of allergies on your skin
  • Sweat-free
  • Appropriate size for your bed, etc

Keep these few points in mind while buying your own cotton Dohar online for the summer season and enjoy your time cuddling to a soft, sweat-free, and lightweight covering. It will give you just the proper temperature you want for your sleep. If it has all the above-mentioned qualities then it is a good option for you. So, go with the one with all the necessary factors and that is also near your budget category. After all, the cotton Dohar is meant to provide you with comfort in the most vulnerable time of your day, i.e. when you sleep. Contact Teertha India.

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