We all love to decorate our home to make it look perfect but when it comes to the bedroom we want it to be more luxurious than the rest of our home. Whether we love a contemporary design or are fond of rustic style, all we want is privacy & luxury.  Just like hotel rooms that ooze sophistication, we all desire to have such splendid bedrooms that invite us to get the perfect slumber.

And to your pleasant revelation, it is not at all impossible to get a perfect bedroom. The first thing that makes a bedroom look more appealing is the bed and its bedding. Apart from a soft, smooth & clean bed we also need decorative accessories like concept cushions, pillows, throws and many more details to make it look like a bed that you have seen on the cover page of an interior magazine. Here we have jotted down some Amazing Ways To make your bed look and feel amazing.

But before we proceed there is a small tip that can help to maintain the look of the bed. Despite having the rush in the morning it is advisable to keep the bed clean & tidy and use the following hacks with the accessories to get the desired look throughout your day.

  • Purchase A Good Mattress

A good Mattress does not require to be expensive but it should be comfortable and supportive because a mattress is the foundation of sleep. Invest in a good therapeutic mattress to address any sort of sleeping discomfort. Furthermore, a therapeutic mattress offers orthopedic support. Flipping an old mattress can give the same result as a new mattress so for those who don't want to invest in a new mattress we recommend flipping it.

  • Use Reversible Duvet Covers

A reversible duvet cover is very much in trend now. A duvet cover allows different styling ideas daily. We insist on creating more and more layers with a duvet cover to get the luxe appeal. Turn down the top of the duvet cover to get an incredible creative plea. Go for a 300 thread count reversible duvet cover to make the bedding softer.

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  • Add Luxurious Throws

Throws are casual drapes at the corner of the bed which makes a bed look less formal and more sleep appealing. Try to match the throws with the accent wall or the headboards while keeping the rest of the beddings white or a lighter shade to add more warmth to the bedroom. Check our creative collection of throws and choose the one that is the best fit.

  • Go For Colorful Cushions

Cushions are an essential element of the bed design. Certain facts should be kept in mind while styling the bed with cushions

  1. Go for an odd number like 3 or 5
  2. For a king-size bed 5-6 cushion is ideal and for a queen or single bed stick to number 3
  3. Use cushion covers of a variety of designs, colors, shapes and patterns. Check out our website to avail the wide range of colorful & vibrant cushion covers
  4. It is advisable to place the cushions non-uniformly.
  5. Mix and match fiber fill pillow cushions with goose feather fill pillows to get a good night's sleep. After all, who doesn't want to sink in a soft cushion filled bed?
  • Pillow Placing 

Do we commonly hear a question from the general public about where to place the pillow? In that case, we recommend keeping your pillows over the duvet to get a neat effect.  Try the pillows from our range as we have a variety of creative pillow covers for our kitty.

  • Draw A Color Palette

Use bold color beddings or bright patterns to accentuate the bedding design. If the adjacent room color is light or dull then elevate the design using bold color beddings like bed sheets, pillow covers, throws & cushions. Use contrasting colors like keeping the bedsheet white and using an orange pillow cover and complement the look by using orange curtains or rugs. Similarly, go for various designed beddings. At Teerthaindia you can find a variety of vibrant designer bedding, check our website to access the offers.

  • Include Bedspread

A bedspread is all about adding elegance as it will inject a strong sense of vibrancy into your bedroom. Adding a bedspread will make the bed the focal point of the room and will garnish a luxurious effect.

  • Floating Nightstand

If you have space constraints then consider floating a nightstand beside your bedpost. Decorate the nightstand with a favorite book and add a hint of green by placing an indoor potted plant to complete the look.

  • Final Words

A bedroom is a place of sanctuary, so it should be designed to reflect your emotion and the decor items should match your personality. Hope these ideas will give you an outstanding bedroom makeover. For further assistance with the topic, you can always get in touch with the experts at Teertha India.

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